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     This page is dedicated to my mild addiction to the Star Wars universe. I have (in recent years) been introduced to the world of Star Wars Roleplaying (RPG), and have been GameMastering a live game for several friends as well as one over e-mail.
     This page details various aspects of these game campaigns which will likely be of no use to you at all unless you yourself are an avid Star Wars RPG player. Nonetheless, here they are..

Some minor changes have been made and there are more are follow.  Please look around again!

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The Panasian Campaign

     The events of the Panasian Conflict occur towards the end of TESB, indeed the story (as far as the Player Characters were concerned) ended at approximately the same time although TESB and the Panasian Conflict only interact on an extermely minimal level.
     Taking some liberties with the Star Wars canon, the Rebels fled to the Panasian System following the attack on Hoth. Here, they regrouped and made plans to amass the entire fleet at Sullust in a few months to launch an assault on the second Death Star. Anyway, as far as the game is concerned, the Player Characters are assorted people assembled for their various talents by the Rebel cell on Panas. The Panasian system's official policy is to openly support the Empire in everything (as this generally keeps the Empire off their backs). However, the system's unofficial policy is to undermine the Empire as much as possible without getting caught at it. To this end, the Panasian Government and the Rebel Cell on Panas have hired the PC's to conduct the more direct assaults on the Empire. Any Panasian or Rebel military personel who are spotted by Imperial troops in an attack will end things very nicely. Thus, they have turned to mercenary work for the more open attacks. That is basically the jist of the campaign. Do as much damage to the Empire without alerting them to the presence of the Rebels or the true feelings of the Panasian government. So far, they have managed to do so successfully, leading the Empire to believe that there is simply a large (and quite Imperially malicious)pirate group operating in the area. Which is somewhat true, due to the PC's habit of looting as much as possible after completing their objectives. The Empire has stepped up it's ISD patrols, which was expected, but they have as of yet been unable to locate the pirate group. So far...
     To see a list of Games and Supports Files I've created for this campaign, check out my page "Games and Support Files" in the above drop box directory!

Major Planets of the Panasian System


Player Characters and NPC's






Aris Tramer
Argon Alma
Dunitri Antrov
Katana Xizor
Drake Jones
Engvall Doneeta
Shil'ahn Nar

Bishop Kinkaid

Baron Malestorm, Kreg
Salaba Siv
Prof. Karl Gretchen
Kane Armstrong

Lt. Cmdr. Jared Havelock

General Kodan, Dak
Lt. Shoor, Jonn
Jason C'Baoth
Sheric Kooda
Lyela Waes
Brenwyn Waes
Miral Birioc

(So I figured hey, what the heck...)

Ships, Weapons & Equipment


Vehicles &



Weapons & Equipment

Mon Cal Utility Sub
Dagger *
Krayt's Fang *
Vengeance *
Dragon *


Ion Blaster
Aer Grenade

Body Pouch
(* Starships so designated were purchased at:Smilin' Drex Furlow's Stockyard)

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